I love to blog!

Libby Loves to Blog

I love blogging so much that I am taking a mini-break from blogger.com for a new challenge with WordPress.com. It is exciting to me to learn something new. Of course I am not reading any directions, but figuring it out as I go along! What would be the fun in learning it first? 🙂 I have heard from people who use blogger that they hate word press and vice versa. Maybe it’s because they have only learned one of them. I can tell already that they each have their unique advantages. I like the word press listing of archived posts. And it has several pages. It makes so much sense and is so orderly. More like a book. I’m very excited to write more prolifically and not worry that a post will archive in a not so obvious place and never be referenced again! To me this encourages you to write more.  For, your posts for the month will be the only ones showing.  So, you’d better write a few! Very cool! Please read this if it interests you and the About Me Section. I’ll keep building the framework of this blog and adding the bells and whistles. I will add a new post in the next couple of days!


4 thoughts on “I love to blog!

  1. Congrats Libby, oh tireless and generous writer! My blog is WordPress Thesis and I’m happy with it, but I have no comparison with any others. Wait, not true..I had a personal/private blog on iWeb on my mac. My new blog is waaayyyy more fun, with more bells and whistles! Enjoy this new venture, sweetness, and thanks for inviting me to the grand opening! POP! <<< Champagne! Cheers to you and your future adventures in writing. Bliss you! Gina

  2. Thanks Gina! I have put your fantabulous blog on the blog roll. As always I appreciate your delightful feedback. I have a lot to learn, but whatever keeps one writing!

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