Most of the Things You Worry About…

I was dropping of my husband in downtown Minneapolis the other a.m. for another day at work. We have recently “downsized” to one car. I love that expression downsize. It makes it sound like you are being thrifty, not too broke to handle what you had always handled before. LOL! That’s it we’re scaling back to save gas for future generations! I was dropping him off and we started to hear a terrible noise a metallic engine type noise and we thought, “Oh no, we’re going to ‘downsize’ again, this car is a goner!” This is how we imagined suddenly our poor car looked. We were in full panic mode as we began to check around for where the noise might be coming from. My husband popped the hood. For some reason, I looked in my purse! I couldn’t find anything, and hopped out of the car!

Meanwhile Mike had hopped out of the car and the noise was louder than ever. We searched the horizon for a possible source. Maybe we were wrong, perhaps the world was merely coming to an end!

All of a sudden I turned my head to stare at my husband, the noise was coming from him. Was it his pacemaker? Wait! He didn’t have a pacemaker! He got the same realization at the next moment and started patting his pockets. He seemed to remember faster than I, that he had no electronic gizmos implanted in his body. I was getting really scared! Then it stopped and my husband started laughing. He pulled his side burn trimmer out of his pants pocket and turned it on near my face. It was the NOISE. I started to laugh almost uncontrollably. We were so unbelievably worried. About nothing! As the old saying goes, most of the things you worry about NEVER happen! He ran off to work.  Now I am just left wondering…why did he have his little motorized side burn trimmer in his pants pocket? Oh, the mystery that is men!


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