Life on Twitter #FollowFriday

Follow Friday on Twitter is so much fun. The purpose of it is to take the time to tell your friends; who you love to follow on Twitter and why — and recommend they follow them too! It doesn’t always function at its highest level. People often just tweet a list of names with the #FF hash tags automatically asking their friends to follow them. But nonetheless it is a fun day of sharing on Twitter!

I had a lot of fun this past Friday. My publicity account, @Publicity_Chick was getting more attention than her older sister, my main account @libbytalks. It was a delightful day! Just answering and acknowledging the Follow Fridays from P_C and making my own was exciting enough, and keeping up with libbytalks too! Things were hopping. I love the meeting new people aspect of the day, as well as talking to friends you don’t talk to everyday!l

I hope you’ll join in on the next #FF and have some fun with us…or if you haven’t joined Twitter yet, please do! Meet the friendliest people on the internet. I’ll introduce you to my friends! Come on, what are you waiting for?


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