There’s Something So Funny About Twitter To Non-Tweeters!

Love my Friends!

People who aren’t on Twitter really think we’re strange don’t they? They might ask, “How many people are following you on Twitter?” And if you say 7,000 they look at you like you have two heads. How did you get that many people to follow you they might exclaim?!!! Meaning, how did you ever get that interesting? What on earth do you say to them? They just don’t get it at all, the depth of friendship, the fun of tweeting, the compelling draw that is Twitter! I can hardly wait to have 17,000 followers, that will throw them. Might render them speechless. Well, of course I can wait. No following formulas or software for me. I am letting my accounts grow organically, naturally, the way they should.  It was the same way with Facebook years ago, no one could figure that out at all, now everyone and their cousin is on Facebook. It’s fun, but not as exciting, challenging or close-knit as Twitter. No one calls you Sweetie or gives you HUGGS or MWAHS! like Twitter.

I like the atmosphere of  Twitter. I like my friends, many of whom I feel I know quite well. I like the verbal matching of wits and the truly funny people! Like I said about followers, the more the merrier, but I will meet people one by one so I can get to know them and their hopes and interests, have a chat and remember them always. One thing I’ve learned is the mind is so expansive…the more you learn and the more people you meet the more room there is for other thoughts and more friends! Gotta love a place that teaches you lessons like that!


4 thoughts on “There’s Something So Funny About Twitter To Non-Tweeters!

  1. Hello luuverly! I am so glad you posted this! It is SO true…the more we connect and relate on Twitter, the more we also have that one common thread of “getting it” like our friends and family DON’T! lol And for good measure…here is a healthy dose of ((HUUGGGGGGGS)) and MWUAHS! for you! 🙂 xoxoxoxo

    • HUGGGGS back to you my friend! You express this idea so well and succinctly — you are most likely a blogger…oh yes you’re on my blogroll! 🙂 I agree, this is just something you get or not and if you don’t tweet, it’s not! xoxoxox Libby

      • haha! You are so dang adorable! Thank you as ever for your Twitter and blog love! One day we will meet and I will squish the breath out of you (only for a moment!) with a BIG suuper sized HUUGGG! 🙂

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