Wonderful Girlfriends We Go Waaay Back!

What a FAB day we had!

These are some fantastic girlfriends and we go back a ways! From left to right the cute shorter one is Sandy,  then Barb, me, Lynn, and Betsy. Two are friends from Grade School! Lynn from Junior High and we’ve been close ever since.  And Betsy from High School.   How did we all get together you might wonder? Well it was all due to Social Media. We met up again on Facebook and decided to go to lunch! We organized it via a group message and voila here we are — all together again! We had a super time and decided we all looked great and would do it again real soon, which I believe we will. It’s so great to take time out of  busy lives for the important things in life: FRIENDS! Why don’t you all try it and post your pictures on Facebook or wherever or however you got together, possibly TWITTER! Spread the word and encourage other old and new friends to reconnect and spend time together: what a wonderful world it is!


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Girlfriends We Go Waaay Back!

  1. Libby! I LUUUUV that you all reconnected through social media! Good friends really are the riches of life and it looks like you have true abundance! It’s no wonder why…you have such a genuine warmth and joie de vivre about you – it’s infectious! I know I’m infected 😉 I’m so happy to know you and call you friend. What a wonderful post and I shall put the word out to my oldest friends…wait…I see them all the TIME! heehee Cheers! xoxoxo SuuperG

  2. You are so fortunate to see your oldest friends all the time! But you are so warm I am not surprised :). Living in this large metropolis of the Twin Cities I have to schedule time to see my very best friend (silliness). Cheers to you my dear new friend xoxoxo Lib

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