Friends Are Heart Treasures

My Best Buddy and I

I really couldn’t make it without my friends! To me they are heart treasures. Their love is unconditional even though they know you better than anyone else. “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” β€” Elbert Hubbard This quote puts it perfectly! I have lots of acquaintances, fewer friends. You know them by the way they laugh with you not at you, may not always agree with you, but always empathize — listen to you ramble on when many people would get bored and leave the room πŸ™‚ — laugh at your jokes and cry with you too. Sometimes the tears turn to laughter! I treasure these qualities in people, my heart treasures them because they make my heart happy!

The gal in the picture here is Lynn. She will be at the birthday party described above. She is a wonderful best friend! We’ve know each other since Junior High and have always had a blast together! She has a great sense of humor — I love to laugh! We lean on each other, go to each other for advice and share insights when we get one! She’s the best!

You can have fast friends too — people you just hit it off with immediately and a friendship sprouts. I have terrific friends on Twitter and Facebook whom I have never met. I know that people who don’t have these types of friends find this hard to believe, so put it another way. I have people from my High School, who I didn’t even hardly know back then who have become my good at friends on Facebook as adults. Plausible, right? It’s not really that different. We didn’t “know” each other when we started to connect as adults either, just had a vague recollection of a childhood self in common. Now we are excellent friends. I’ve acquainted myself with some old High School friends and am very close to them now, ie: Kathleen and Betsy, Barb and Sandy. I also have great friends on Facebook who I only know on that venue and we have been dear friends for a while, some for years: Celisa and Heather new friends — Miriam, Karen, Carol, Nenette and Mark I’ve known longer — all true heart treasures!

I have excellent friends on Twitter who I have more in common with than some of my friends — and we interact more often due to the way Twitter works. I would like to honor some of these friends, they are: @SuuperG, @angels510 @AliveinMe, @RichardBejah, @nursemom90, @RetiredTeacherD, @_stoicOne_ @MAX_is_more @callomes @DamienCripps and @joebrochin. These people are treasures to all who know them and they do make ones heart happy!

When I count my blessings, right after my relationship with my Lord and my wonderful family, I thank God for my friends! I hope you have many heart treasures too!


5 thoughts on “Friends Are Heart Treasures

  1. Sadly many Christians use the Church but don’t love it – the bible says love your Spiritual Family – Rick Warren

    You are all part of my family!

    Thanks for the lovely mention > Richard :0)

  2. You’re very welcome treasures, Richard and David! You are both wonderful friends and definitely part of my family as Mike would agree! Have a wonderful evening and thanks for reading! Libby πŸ™‚

  3. G’ day to my dear friend Libby.

    When I read your posts my heart and soul feels warmer on a cold windy day in N Z.
    Especially the New Zealand Lamb Squeezing post, love it.
    Hope you get to travel to N Z one day soon Libby as these little beauties are about to be born again on the green green pastures of N Z sheep farms.

    Thank you for the awesome mention Libby.

    Kind regards as always,

    Colin Allomes N Z .

  4. Good Morning my sweet friend, Colin!

    Thanks for the high praise on this post and it’s comparison to the NZ lamb squeezing post by Gina “SuuperG” – an extraordinary and wonderful post! That blog Gitanablog rolls right from this one and it would very easy to think it was this one.

    You are an extraordinary man and friend Colin, I appreciate all of our conversations and moments together on Twitter!

    Many good things to you!


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