My Dad’s an Author Twice!

Author Twice! My Dad - Bill Baker

“Some of these stores are humorous, some involve pathos, some are illuminating, some resulted in hospital confinement and some just portray the human condition.” So says my dad in the introduction of his new book “The Guide Shoots First”. It’s a collection of stories of his trips to hunt waterfowl and upland birds in the Dakotas, Montana and Canada, including a camp he ran in the Dakotas. I really love the book and recommend it heartily. I am not saying this because he is my dad — which he is — but simply because it is so well-written, witty, and moving — a real page-turner. Frankly, I hate to admit something. It takes a bit to get me to read a book these days, with my online business, writing and family responsibilities. Lying down is one of my favorite past-times! So I was pleasantly surprised to finding myself so enjoying a book of hunting stories. Of course, not very surprised, because I know my dad is a consummate storyteller. Flawless really. I’d just never read these stories before. They came so very alive and were so funny and quick. I know my dad is — just didn’t know he would translate so well and he does.

If you have an interest in fathers and how they relate to their sons. The great outdoors. A good book filled with the vivid vignettes William Baker can lay down, you definitely want to check his website and take a further look at this. And at least discover where the title came from!

Here’s the website: — Oh it’s on the blogroll!!! 🙂



2 thoughts on “My Dad’s an Author Twice!

  1. Lib,

    Thanks for the listing on your Blog Roll…. LOVE IT MUCH APPRECIATED.. Given me a few ideas too..

    Great to have a relationship with your father…. This is something i have not experienced.. Hopefully my kids do not have that. I try to be around.. Worked from home now 15 years plus! BLESSINGS RICH :0)

    • Dear Rich,

      Glad you like the listing, surprised I didn’t think of it sooner!

      You’re so right — it is terrific having a good relationship with your father at any age and I love mine so much! So sorry you missed that, but I’m sure your kids treasure you and always will! Blessings from LIB 🙂

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