A Poem To My Friend: Rough Spots

“They” say life is a series of peaks and valleys,
just ride it out over the rough spots!

But what are you to do —
when you’re lost in the mountains
And the light just isn’t shining through?

All you can do is climb to the Peak
Take a look at all that has been,
Consider your beautiful rolling hills
Among the long, sorrow-filled valleys.

Remind yourself you hiked through many
a rough spot in the valleys and still made it
to climb to the top of the Mountain of Reflection!

You are stronger than you thought you were —
While climbing over the rough spots below.

Strong enough to climb to the height of discovery.
To see all the great and wonderful things in your life —
And what else? A companion by your side!

Your Highest Power was beside you all way!
You can see your companion near the top of the mountain,
catching you before you fall into a ravine.

You were NEVER alone. Friends were rooting for you. You
had your inner strength and your Companion by your side.
You made it and you will be able to do it again.

Enjoy the mountaintop for a while,
and then begin the slow and careful descent
home and back into your life.


6 thoughts on “A Poem To My Friend: Rough Spots

  1. I am once again floored by your friendship, love and generosity! You’ve even outdone yourself this time :)) and I’m so glad you did. How did you write this so quickly? It must have just been in your heart and you put it to paper – or e-parchment 😉 Bliss you, my dear, and thank you, for reminding my I am not alone and I have many more peaks in my life. xoxoxo Sincerest gratitude, Gina

  2. You’re right my friend, it was in my heart because you have been on my heart! I think of you often and don’t always get a chance to say it. This time I did! You are a warm and generous friend yourself and you mean a lot to me! Many a time you’ve reminded me with your zest for life, hiking, travel, love for people and pasta, how great the peaks can be! xoxoxoxo Love ya! Lib

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  4. Lib, Such a nice poem.. Yes we all need friends to help each other along the way, on the way UP as well as on the way down.. But THANKFULLY we all have one great friend in Jesus to help guide our way IF we decide to allow him…
    GOD BLESS YOU Richard :0)

    • Yes Rich, there are some valleys I don’t think I would have made it thru without my friend Jesus! He reminds me to be a good friend to others along the way. Thanks for being a friend that helps along the way for me! God Bless you! Lib 🙂

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