Music Expresses the Inexpressible!

I love music! Worship Music! Playful Music! Anytime Music! Let's Dance!

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” — Aldous Huxley
I have always loved music. One of my strongest early music memories was driving through the most beautiful parts of the Rocky Mountains in summer in Colorado. My dad was driving. He burst into song, singing for the first time I’d ever heard it: “America the Beautiful”. The song was as majestic as the scenery and my dad belted it out with reverence and gusto. I’ll never forget the feeling it gave me. One of awe and reverence for the beauty of the earth! And the glory of the skies! My dad taught me the entire song as we drove through those mountains. What a glorious, stirring, magical day. I reached out to the BIGNESS of our God and creation as much as a 7-year-old can! I felt such a terrific love for my father it was almost fierce. He fit in the scene so well, bigger than life, knowing it’s mysteries and secrets and willing to share them with me!

I love to sing! In the shower, in the car, in the kitchen, wherever the mood strikes! And dance. I used to have a dog Spunky. She lives with my daughter now, who danced with me every time I put the radio on! I love to listen to music of all kinds. It brings joy to my soul. But of all the songs I have ever heard and of all the voices I will ever miss — it will be my dad’s whether singing “America the Beautiful” up a mountain pass, or Happy Birthday to me, every morning of my birthdays!

I’ve tried to express the inexpressible, how I feel about music and how I feel about my dad. I guess the only word that comes close is LOVE.usic.html”>


3 thoughts on “Music Expresses the Inexpressible!

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  2. LOL! Actually I’m a bit tone deaf, so my singing doesn’t bother me. I sing away! So is my dad! I sure can appreciate good music though…and nothing could keep me from belting out the tunes. In my blood 🙂 Libby

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