Best Friends Finally Meet!

Good friends meet at last!

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
— C.S. Lewis

Last week was one of the funnest ever in my life! And meaningful! And active! A non-stop crazy-girlfriends stupendous, exciting chat and shop — eat and drink pop, do toenails, have slumber parties extravaganza! My friend from twitter and Facebook, Heather @AliveinMe flew into Minneapolis from Philadelphia last Saturday and stayed the week! In that time she found a BIG place in me and my dear husband’s heart! We will never be the same again. So endearing she was to our family…we miss her and my 80-year-old mom misses her. Mom has dementia and doesn’t remember people well. But, she remembers Heather. We talk about her every day!

We had such a great time! Ordained by the Author of all great fun and great plans for us! The Lord was so good to us…kept us from sniffles though the weather was frightfully cold. We stayed up until the early morning hours making beaded necklaces! And talking. Always talking. Like we had known each other forever. And we have! Virtually!

We raced through the week like our tails were on fire. Trying to absorb all we could from each other. Making necklaces (our favorite ones to give to each other), many went to me since I was a newbie at beading. I was keeping my attempts and Heather was showering me with gifts, not for any other reason than two generous hearts meeting and reaching out to each other with the true love of Jesus! I kept her supplied with tea, water, pop, her every need, so she could rest and stay well and jam making jewelry for her mom’s shop. We chatted and laughed and talked and smiled and enjoyed immensely each others company! Oh yes, and took about 100 pictures! Which we kept posting on Facebook! 🙂 We did our own nails and toes but counted on department stores for new makeup and trying each others brands like long-lost sisters sharing their secrets! We hit the best beading shop the first day to stock up for the necklace making nights and we fared well! I now have 10 for myself and Heather has 30 to sell at her mom’s store! My math has never been great, but I’m not sure I contributed to the profit margin. 🙂 Oh well, I will, I am carrying on…it is such fun!

My dear friend’s gone home to her family. My husband Mike and I are missing her. I am quite lonesome, but there are remembrances all around the house, an artificial flower arrangement I love with butterflies in it. I bought her one at the same time and we didn’t know it until we got in the car! A beautiful glass pitcher threaded with blue and green transparent color from my favorite shop. She has left little parts of her love and joy everywhere. We hope she returns very soon, or we will get in my car and drive to Philly! Chilly Philly! Love you all! Facebook and Twitter friends! Take a chance and get to know each other better! Love you Heather so aptly named @AliveinMe. You are sure aLIVE, full of joy and love and definitely glowing in Jesus. As for me @libbytalks, it has now been confirmed that I can talk all day and all night too!

Best Friends Forever!


5 thoughts on “Best Friends Finally Meet!

  1. It’s amazing that Twitter, Facebook and social media can change so many peoples lives and bring people together.. Such a wonderful time that you appear to have had. It’s FANTASTIC to see Heather is such FINE Spirit!

    GOD certainly has been a BLESSING!

    Your friend Richard :0)

  2. We sure are blessed. But when you think about it—-it took patience and time, faith. Both of us wanting to get together last year–had been hit with major surgeries–my brain, your stomach almost at the exact time!!!! So it just wasn’t HIS time yet. Just was amazing when it hit!!! And how I remained pain free in that visit!!! It was a visit MEANT TO BE!!! You are a gift to me from Jesus-forever. And my hubby and I will be up there twice a year at least—as for he is from MN. You and your hubby Mike have a special place in my heart—today, tomorrow, every day. And know–if you ever need anything—call me!! 🙂 Now GO HUG YOUR MOM FOR ME!!!!!!!

    In His Precious Name….

  3. Hetty and Richard,

    You speak such wisdom…And yes Hetty, it was a visit MEANT to be. Jesus was with us. You were pain free! Such a blessing the trip was! Yes, you are a gift to me to, forever for sure from Heaven above! Love you dearest friend!

    • Thanks Scott! You’re so right! Heather has brought so many people together! We were “fast friends” from the moment we met — God had something in store for us and still does! 🙂

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