What A Wonderful Day!

“Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever fresh and radiant possibility” Kate Douglas Wiggin

Today I went to my nephew Andy’s fiance’s Bridal Shower. It was a wonderful day! The hostess, Andy’s aunt on his dad’s side, was amazing. Her house, the shower treats and decor…everything was perfect. I love the woman Andy is marrying. Her name is Trisha and she’s smart and witty, considerate, lovely and funny! She is his other half, his bookend.

What made the day doubly special is we got to go around the porch in a circle and say who we were and how we knew Andy, what relation we were to him. I never thought about what I might say. I listened to the others, joined in the fun and watched the look of delight, love and laughter on Trisha’s face when we spoke of him.

Then came my turn…I couldn’t believe what I said. I said that Andy came along in a very low point in my life. My own little son had died and I was sick with sorrow. I spent so much time with my sister Suzy and little Andy, they were my best friends…and my heart healed as I spent time with this wonderful little boy. I said Andy restored my heart.

I was a bit embarrassed for bringing up the death of my little boy at such a joyous occasion, but my words came straight from the heart. I love my nephew and thank my sister for being so very generous with him.

What a gift! And what a beautiful way to bring me back from the land of mourning. A wonderful, happy, healthy baby boy a year younger than my Davey gave me back my heart!

Thank you God for using him in my life this way…I pray you bless his and Trisha’s life most wonderfully! It was an awesome day!


8 thoughts on “What A Wonderful Day!

  1. Libby, you always have a way of making everyone around you feel joyous and grateful. You have a gift, every time I read your words, I feel that gratitude, for the stories you share, for your perspective, for you. Thank you for sharing these beautiful details of your life, you say them so easily and give of your heart every day. Not only do you have the gift, you are the gift.

  2. Mila, what a treasure you are! Your words bless me beyond what I can say. I am so thankful for the friends like you I have made online…your words resonate such kindness, honesty and genuineness. It means so much. What I write does come from the heart and sometimes the words are difficult to say… but not today, this most wonderful day! Love always, Libby

  3. Lib that was a beautful story and such a wonderful answer to give….from your beautiful heart, it’s obvious! Thank you for sharing!
    Love you – Deb

  4. Deb! How great to hear from you! Thank you for reading this post…You have a beautiful heart my friend and are such a blessing. I appreciate the lovely comment and miss our talks…let’s phone one day soon! Love, Libby

  5. No one sees the broken heart behind that beautiful smile or the tears that gently fall. You keep these things hidden. You keep these painful things hidden not for fear of them; nor are you embarrassed by them. You have mastered the pain and only let it out when it serves your purposes. That is to spread joy, warmth and happiness wherever you go and whomever you engage with. Please know Libby. You are my Hero. God Bless

  6. I will treasure these words in my heart always, for you really have met me where I am and know me. That is the definition of a friend. I am crying now, tears of understanding because I know you are right, I have mastered the pain with God’s help and I am so very, very thankful. Dave, you have touched my heart and I thank you for your honesty and deep understanding. God Bless you. I’m thankful that I know you and count you my friend! Libby

  7. Libby- thank you for sending me the links. I have deep compassion for you. There is no way for another person to understand; our language limits us – yet you have given a glimpse through sharing by story.

    We are diminished at a loss of someone we love and heaven is enriched.

    And Time passes – well, we still hurt.

    You have good family, friends, and a God that cares.

    • Scott – you are another tender heart and I am delighted to have met you in the #UsGuys stream, where I have met the dearest of my friends. Thank you for reading and commenting with such care. I have been enriched by Davey’s life beyond measure. He was such a deep soul. I look forward to our reunion, but you are right…time passes…we still hurt. There is such comfort in God and in family and friends like you. I’m glad we’ve met. Here’s to many more blog reads and comments yours and mine!

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