It’s Almost May!

How I Feel About All of You

To think this little blog has been in existence about one half month! I have had sooo much fun writing it! I’ve tried out many many different themes! WordPress has so many and are always coming out with new ones. It’s almost too much temptation for a frustrated artist like me. I’m sure to drive my readers crazy. I know I’ll keep up my blogger blogs (all 6 or 7 of them, but there’s no going back: I am a WordPress girl now. There is only going forward into more posts and pages, more trial themes and even more blogs. I hope you like the bells and whistles I’ve added including the music!I will only get more daring I hope and more honest in my writing and find better most suitable pictures to represent each post and quote.

I hope you’re with me for the long haul…you can count on me! I’ll be here! Libby


“It’s A Great Life — If You Don’t Weaken”

Gram's Grandson (Mike, my husband) and I

This was a quote said often by my husband’s grandmother who lived to be 93…a good long time in her generation. She believed strongly in the saying she most likely came up with on her own! None of us could imagine her weakening so we believed the saying to be for our benefit. Which it was, for we all recalled it at the most opportune moments: during a weekend from hell, when our finances went in the tank without warning, during times of poor health: a beautiful reminder to gut it through — for there is sunshine on the other side and a good life for us, if we’ll only hold on! And so we did…time after time…at her encouraging words. They might sound a little harsh to some, but they were music to our ears. They brought back wonderful memories of a sweet and feisty little lady who never let the world get her down, but fought back with wisdom, a smile, her own brand of humor, and love for her family!