There’s Something So Funny About Twitter To Non-Tweeters!

Love my Friends!

People who aren’t on Twitter really think we’re strange don’t they? They might ask, “How many people are following you on Twitter?” And if you say 7,000 they look at you like you have two heads. How did you get that many people to follow you they might exclaim?!!! Meaning, how did you ever get that interesting? What on earth do you say to them? They just don’t get it at all, the depth of friendship, the fun of tweeting, the compelling draw that is Twitter! I can hardly wait to have 17,000 followers, that will throw them. Might render them speechless. Well, of course I can wait. No following formulas or software for me. I am letting my accounts grow organically, naturally, the way they should.  It was the same way with Facebook years ago, no one could figure that out at all, now everyone and their cousin is on Facebook. It’s fun, but not as exciting, challenging or close-knit as Twitter. No one calls you Sweetie or gives you HUGGS or MWAHS! like Twitter.

I like the atmosphere of  Twitter. I like my friends, many of whom I feel I know quite well. I like the verbal matching of wits and the truly funny people! Like I said about followers, the more the merrier, but I will meet people one by one so I can get to know them and their hopes and interests, have a chat and remember them always. One thing I’ve learned is the mind is so expansive…the more you learn and the more people you meet the more room there is for other thoughts and more friends! Gotta love a place that teaches you lessons like that!


Life on Twitter #FollowFriday

Follow Friday on Twitter is so much fun. The purpose of it is to take the time to tell your friends; who you love to follow on Twitter and why — and recommend they follow them too! It doesn’t always function at its highest level. People often just tweet a list of names with the #FF hash tags automatically asking their friends to follow them. But nonetheless it is a fun day of sharing on Twitter!

I had a lot of fun this past Friday. My publicity account, @Publicity_Chick was getting more attention than her older sister, my main account @libbytalks. It was a delightful day! Just answering and acknowledging the Follow Fridays from P_C and making my own was exciting enough, and keeping up with libbytalks too! Things were hopping. I love the meeting new people aspect of the day, as well as talking to friends you don’t talk to everyday!l

I hope you’ll join in on the next #FF and have some fun with us…or if you haven’t joined Twitter yet, please do! Meet the friendliest people on the internet. I’ll introduce you to my friends! Come on, what are you waiting for?

Most of the Things You Worry About…

I was dropping of my husband in downtown Minneapolis the other a.m. for another day at work. We have recently “downsized” to one car. I love that expression downsize. It makes it sound like you are being thrifty, not too broke to handle what you had always handled before. LOL! That’s it we’re scaling back to save gas for future generations! I was dropping him off and we started to hear a terrible noise a metallic engine type noise and we thought, “Oh no, we’re going to ‘downsize’ again, this car is a goner!” This is how we imagined suddenly our poor car looked. We were in full panic mode as we began to check around for where the noise might be coming from. My husband popped the hood. For some reason, I looked in my purse! I couldn’t find anything, and hopped out of the car!

Meanwhile Mike had hopped out of the car and the noise was louder than ever. We searched the horizon for a possible source. Maybe we were wrong, perhaps the world was merely coming to an end!

All of a sudden I turned my head to stare at my husband, the noise was coming from him. Was it his pacemaker? Wait! He didn’t have a pacemaker! He got the same realization at the next moment and started patting his pockets. He seemed to remember faster than I, that he had no electronic gizmos implanted in his body. I was getting really scared! Then it stopped and my husband started laughing. He pulled his side burn trimmer out of his pants pocket and turned it on near my face. It was the NOISE. I started to laugh almost uncontrollably. We were so unbelievably worried. About nothing! As the old saying goes, most of the things you worry about NEVER happen! He ran off to work.  Now I am just left wondering…why did he have his little motorized side burn trimmer in his pants pocket? Oh, the mystery that is men!

I love to blog!

Libby Loves to Blog

I love blogging so much that I am taking a mini-break from for a new challenge with It is exciting to me to learn something new. Of course I am not reading any directions, but figuring it out as I go along! What would be the fun in learning it first? 🙂 I have heard from people who use blogger that they hate word press and vice versa. Maybe it’s because they have only learned one of them. I can tell already that they each have their unique advantages. I like the word press listing of archived posts. And it has several pages. It makes so much sense and is so orderly. More like a book. I’m very excited to write more prolifically and not worry that a post will archive in a not so obvious place and never be referenced again! To me this encourages you to write more.  For, your posts for the month will be the only ones showing.  So, you’d better write a few! Very cool! Please read this if it interests you and the About Me Section. I’ll keep building the framework of this blog and adding the bells and whistles. I will add a new post in the next couple of days!