Saw Mom Saturday–She Knew Me!

When someone has Alzheimer’s you celebrate the moment. I was reminded today by a wise friend on Twitter that the day will come when my mom will no longer know me. She didn’t say it that way exactly. She just talked about her grandmother with Alzheimer’s and how hard it became for her when she still loved her grandma so much and she no longer knew her. All along I’ve known that day will come and I have not steeled my heart against it. I have loved my mom with all my heart, with all my focus, with all my strength and given her all of me in the present moment. Because the present moment is all we have. I have started a blog for her of our outings so I can bring my laptop when I visit and read to her what we did. This is not a post for that blog, though. This post is for me to share how I feel. I love my mom. Some people say I light up like a Christmas tree around her. I know that I do. It’s because she loves me so much and so unconditionally. She always has. My husband says she is the president of my fan club~ LOL ~ and she is! Bless her heart. She thinks I’m wonderful and there is absolutely no point in arguing with her so I don’t — I just bask in the warm rays of her approval.

Here is how we smile when we’re together:

Mom and I on Saturday

So that’s my mom!

Now you know why I will miss her so much when she completely loses her memory. I treasure each day with a phone call or visit now and will honor her with them then. I love my mom.

7 thoughts on “Saw Mom Saturday–She Knew Me!

  1. Libby, it always touches me to see the inmense love you have for your mother, the noble and tender words you write about her are testimony of that love!
    We should all be lucky enough to have daughters like you!


  2. Thank you both! Jeanette! I am always blessed by the nice comments you leave on my posts about mom, I know your mom lives out of town. I feel as if I know you so well. I do hope we meet at one of these tweetups one day! Love and hugs, Lib

  3. Thank you Mimi! As they say in my family I didn’t lick it off the grass! In other words, the sweetness was handed down to me by a pretty sweet mom. But thank you. We love each other dearly and treasure our wonderful times together…perhaps when she has forgotten me a part of her will remember my face like a puppy loves an old toy. I hope so! She is the very dearest!

  4. Libby, Wow, I hope I do get to meet you someday!! …something tells me we will need ‘Hours and lots of coffee’ to catch up!
    Just wanted to mentioned that it is possible that you mom will “always” remember you. I recently lost my aunt to Alzheimer’s after battling this illness for a number of years. While it became hard to manage and her 4 daughters needed the help of a nursing home, my aunt never forgot their faces, or who they were. She’d forget her husband had passed, but she always knew her daughters….
    I pray that you experience the same..
    ~ tight hug.

  5. Oh Jeannette! You’ve made my day! Of course anything is possible! My mom has had this for many years and still knows her children — so who is to say? And none of us knows the day. She lives with a strong faith and no fear…I hope for her sake she leaves this world without forgetting any of that! She is so precious!
    Oh, I would so love to meet you. Please give me plenty of advance notice if you plan on attending a conference or Tweetup and I will try to be there! Thanks for the great hug!
    Hugs and love back!

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